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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

So... I have never blogged before. No experience, but understand the concept. With staying inside a lot more recently, I was thinking about how I could share some of the ways that "us leaders" think through various personal/social issues and Bible topics...

Through this blog, I hope to share some short (1-2 minute) thoughts that I'll often have during my daily devotions or throughout the day on what it takes to live a Christ-centered life, and more importantly, share WHY those thoughts are so important!!! It is imperative that Christians begin to think critically about their faith, otherwise, how will you ever truly understand?

This blog series will have 1-2 posts per week from the teen leaders, and while it is not completely "private" (yet) the URL will only be shared with folks in teens. I would encourage you to create an account yourself, and leave comments on a blog post if you have additional insight, questions, or feedback! Even if it's just an emoji... We will be working on figuring out how you may be able to earn discipleship points (or some other points) by participating as well!

Keep an eye out for posts, they will generally show up on Tuesdays and Fridays...

Take care now!


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