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Our God, is a good God

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"God, you have been so good to me." This was part of a prayer I had made yesterday morning after my devotions. It wasn't scripted, it wasn't planned, but it was something I felt compelled to share with God as we (me and God) were having time together in prayer.

This isn't something I prayed to simply make myself feel better, that'd be selfish. It also wasn't prayed in an effort to win favor with God (you know like praising a friend or sibling, hoping they'll give you something you want, or keep being nice to you). Also, I did not pray this in a naive way, completely ignoring the current circumstances of the world. No, I prayed this prayer because I believe it and I wanted God to know it!

I know what some of you may think... 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... God is soooo good. I've heard that before'. 'But Matt, how can you actually believe that when it seems like the world is on fire?' Well... I can't speak for you... That is something you will have to wrestle with yourself. And I would challenge you to wrestle with that question. Seriously... Don't ignore a tough question, you're better than that. But here are some recent examples of how God has been good to me:

1. Family - Despite being stuck at home, I got to see and hear my nieces, nephews, and family sing Happy Birthday to me while being more than 100 miles away!

2. Peace - I have had tremendous peace from God recently. Hard to explain, but despite many major life changes, I am at peace in a way that acknoledges the difficult things that have and will be coming at me, and knowing that God will be with me through it.

3. Nation and State- It is truly a blessing how our nation can care for so many sick people. Not that there aren't hiccups, or tough spots, or things to improve, but God is working through leaders, companies, and health care workers in a big way to cope with the circumstances.

4. .....

There are so many more reasons, but what are your reasons to be thankful for the good things God is doing?

Looking back, have you ever been so focused on an issue right in front of you that you completely missed the great things God was doing?

Do you ever struggle with the statement "God is good"? Deep down, do you think people are just choosing to"ignore the bad stuff" when they say that?

In what way has God been good to you, that you may not have realized until life changed drastically in the last 10 days?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments...

Psalm 34:10 - The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.

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Susan Grooms
Susan Grooms
27. März 2020

During quarantine, I've realized to be thankful for living in a house, not a cramped apartment. And, for being able to walk around outside on our property. Also, I am more thankful for the days I have with people.

Thanks for starting this blog! I think it's a really cool idea:)

Gefällt mir
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