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Just Keep Swimming

In the movie Finding Nemo, we find a character named Dory. Dory’s short-term memory is nonexistent. But a line she repeats regularly is “Just keep swimming.” The Christian life is a lot like that line; just keep going. Living for Jesus isn’t a series of spectaculars or events. It’s about every day, doing what God would want. Phil 4:8 gives us a checklist of sorts we can use to evaluate our decisions. Is an activity or thought true and valid from God’s perspective? Is it worthy to be respected? Is it right and pure? How about lovely and admirable? Is it something that is excellent and which I should be praising? If the answer is yes to all the list, then it is acceptable for a follower of Christ. Seventeen times in the gospels Jesus calls people to follow Him. And by the verb tense, the statement is more accurately stated, “Follow, and keep following Me.” It is a continuing action to follow Jesus. A lifetime commitment by which we are to be faithful and not shipwrecked by the storms and temptations of life. It requires us to ask the questions: How will I react to an annoying little brother (I was one once)? Will my behavior change when my parents are away for the day? How about when we have a substitute teacher in school (remember that place?) If the boss isn’t around today, do I still have to work?

Which of these sets of numbers would you rather add in your head?

a. 3+7+9+2

b. 2.25+7.9+ 3.33+ 6.7

I think most people would pick set A. And why? They are integers. They are whole and complete numbers. Integer has the same root word as integrity, which means complete and uncorrupted. What people see is what they get. In Proverbs 10:9, God promises that people with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.

Well, it’s another week in this new reality. But God is with us to help and sustain us. Missing you all, and hope it ends soon. Take care and keep following!

And it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

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1 Comment

Matt Garrison
Matt Garrison
Apr 21, 2020

Yes, Set A is definitely easier to add in my head, everything just lines up! I know from my experience, with some people, things just don't add up. Or, like a puzzle, there are pieces that are clearly missing. It amazes me that people with a lack of integrity think they can hide it when it's so evident that they are slipping...

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