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From Duty to Delight!

Last week I had the responsibility of being the games leader for our Vacation Bible School entitled the “Keepers of the Kingdom”. When I initially signed up to take on that responsibility I did so because someone needed to do the job and so I volunteered to take on that position. So, I pretty much approached this as a duty that I needed to fulfill, but about halfway through my planning for games on Tuesday morning I realized the opportunity that I had of contributing to the children that I was working with having a very positive and fun experience with the games. I also had the opportunity to make a spiritual application in a short devotion that I led before the games (or during the games), affirming each of the boys and girls as being created in the image and likeness of our great God who designed us after His loving care. It also helped greatly that our games on Tuesday and Wednesday were outside. Having the 30 children that I had the opportunity to work with outside for those two games also expanded my horizon of the joy of playing different games with the children.

By Wednesday my duty had been turned into delight. As I watched the kids massively enjoying the games that we were planning my heart was thankful and glad for God’s loving care and allowing me to serve Him in that matter. David says in the book of Psalms, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart,” (Ps. 37:4 NIV). I think it also helped majorly that my grandson Tyler was there, and that was a whole journey in and of itself to get him there. It helped also that we had the closing of our rental home in Whiting behind us as well. When we “delight ourselves in the Lord” it means that we experience great pleasure and joy in God’s presence with us. Our service for Jesus should never be simply about just fulfilling the duty, but it should be about finding our delight and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has called us into an amazing love relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Paul communicates the same idea when he writes, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him,” (Col. 3:17 NIV). Doing all in the name of the Lord Jesus means seeking to bring Christ into every activity and aspect of our daily living, including leading children during Vacation Bible School. I hope that I was able to demonstrate to the boys and girls I had the opportunity to work with last week the joy of serving Jesus, even as a game leader. It’s so important for us as believers in Jesus to represent the Lord at all times in whatever we do, wherever we go, and whatever we say. We need to make sure that Jesus Christ is shining forth from our lives as He works in and through us. Are you delighting in the Lord today? Make it a delight, not a duty.

All for Christ,

Pastor Rich Sivo

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